Restaurant Week Gets a New Kick as Baltimore Extends Their Promotions

Baltimore has extended the restaurant week gathering by one more week, for additional fun and enjoyment. Are you aware of this or not? If you arent’, then don’t worry as we quickly guide through the event details and programmes.

[Sadly, the counties kick off restaurant week has already ended, but you can surely go through the event details, and subscribe us for more restaurant updates.

Restaurant Week Baltimore

Restaurant Week Gets a New Kick as Baltimore Extends Their Promotions

With the restaurant week being extended, Baltimore will get to test and enjoy a number of eatery specials till 27th Jan.

Every year, a restaurant week in Baltimore is organized which gives a chance to the local hotels and food outlets to showcase their food during the slow winters and summer time. With the inclusion of promotions, you can enjoy breakfast, brunch meals, lunch and dinners prepared by the restaurants with special discounts and deals.

The Harford County set off the winter 2019 restaurant week from Jan 18, which took place just after a week of Baltimore restaurant week where more than 35 local businesses participated in the event.

You can use the Prix-fix menu from the promotional offers for about $15 to $35, and take this through Feb 5! Also, the list of the hotels participating in the event was updated on the website too.

On the other hand, Calvin Ball, Howard County Executive kicked off a Restaurant Week from 28th Jan to 4th Feb. If you go for the greater Baltimore cities, Annapolis is going to host their own special week during the month of March. The promotions are still accepting invitations for the hotels who are willing to participate for it.

So, in case you missed out any restaurant week, you are getting a better chance with the extended promotions. Go, and grab the special discounts and passes today!