Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Review of 2017

If you are a Caffeine Lover, then you definitely would have thought of having an Espresso at your home comfort. You can’t disagree on this! Make your Dream come True with the Breville Barista Express. We have provided a genuine review about this machine, and hopefully it will help you in the needful way.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Review

To begin with, Breville has got one inbuilt grinder. It will make the grinding task easy for you, and did you know that fresh ground beans are the best for Espressos?

Breville BES870XL Barista Express

There are many customization options available, so explore the machine every day.


  • The machine uses 15 Bar pressure and runs on the Italian Pump. The thermal power of the heating coil ranges around 1600W.
  • A smart machine which sets the water temperature accordingly for the best espresso shot.
  • It comes with a grinder, presser, and a port which delivers the required milk for the coffee.
  • You can set the grind size and the amount of the grind required for preparing your Espresso.
  • One no-slip foot is added to the construction which prevents any movement.
  • ‘Clean me’ Light indicates when to perform the cleaning process. There is a separate compartment which stores the Cleaning Kit.

Patience is the Key Factor 

The Breville Barista Express is not entirely automatic. It comes with auto and other manual settings on it. Thus it falls into the Semi-Automatic category of machines.

Coming to the types of Baristas, there are two kinds- one who does not care about the processing or the price and just wants to get the results as quick as possible. The other type is the one who is willing to put in some efforts and is ready to get their hands dirty in the making. If you are the latter guy, then this Barista Express is just made for you.

Control Panel options in Brief

There is one Pressure Gauge located at the center of the Barista Express. We will keep it as the reference, and explain the other panel options. The power button is located on the left side, along with the Grind Amount setting. Here you can choose from Fine to a Coarse Grind setting.

Besides to the ‘Grind Amount,’ comes the Filter Size option. It includes Single and Double Filter basket choice. This helps in letting the Grinder know, about how much Coffee Grind is actually necessary for the particular coffee making.

To the right of the pressure gauge, there are three buttons included. One is for the Program, while the other two buttons indicate the number of coffee servings – single or double cup serving. Clean Me light indicator is lit up when it’s the right time for cleaning. Along with this, there is one Hot Water Steam indicator too.

Burr Grinder 

The grinder is made of stainless steel and is a bit conical in shape. Just make sure that you use freshly ground beans for the bringing out the Best Espresso. Grind the beans till the complete flavor is extracted with increased surface area.

Auto Purge Function

Barista Express includes the Auto Purge feature, and it does the job of adjusting the water temperature required for your Espresso preparation. You can refer to Espresso Machine Reviews for all other information.

The Performance

To get the best results, you need to have the understanding of the science behind the process as well as master the art of making! Both the art and knowledge together will give the desired output.

Always remember to set the right Grind size as it immensely affects the taste and the overall texture.

If you are a beginner at brewing, then you can go with the Dual Wall filters. They are designed for the beginners to provide them the right practice. While the Single Wall filters are more challenging and are for the pro baristas out there.

Pre-Brew function along with a shower head ensures that water reaches all the coffee puck areas.

The Good

  • Burr Grinders used with this Barista Express gives you the best-extracted flavor from the bean.
  • You can set the proper grind size according to the coffee type which is being prepared.
  • There is a ‘Clean Me’ indicator lets you know when is the time of cleaning.
  • Auto Purge function makes automatic adjustments to the water temperature. Depending on the type of the coffee drink being prepared.

The Bad 

  • The machine reportedly makes a sound, after some usage time.
  • A few users have mentioned that the product works well till it’s working. Includes certain durability issues.

Some Important Tips to Remember

If you wish to serve or have the best flavored Espresso shot, make use of freshly ground coffee beans. You may think that we are joking around, but we aren’t actually.

To get the maximum milk foam on your Espresso, make use of coffee which has been grounded only a 1 minute ago. You can test it out for yourself and check. Though, it remains a proven discovery.

The tamping process is crucial, so learn how to Tamp like a Pro. As it is essential for getting the best out of your Breville Barista Express.

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