About US

Applying traditional style of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Malaysian cuisine, Get Down Cafe’s passion is to provide excellent and flavorful vegetarian meals to satisfy all food lovers. Get Down Cafe uses a unique brand of soy products which blends soybeans with various spices to provide a bounty of flavor.

Complementing our cuisine, Get Down Cafe’s full bar offer a variety of drinks and cocktails with a focus on sake. From the time-honored and traditional “rice wine” to the modern and innovative sake-tini, the possibilities are endless.

Our mission from the entire family at Get Down Cafe to bring together great food, drink and friends into our warm and inviting establishment.


Get Down Cafe came to be as one of partners of red Bamboo NYC decided to branch out on her own. The goal is to take Cafe cuisine to new heights, to expand the Pan-Asian theme by adding a Japanese flair to the mix, and to push the boundaries and change the perception of Cafe as bland and boring.

By locating Get Down Cafe on 47-49 7th Ave South, she aspires to provide a comfortable, roomy and friendly place to enjoy the food.

Get Down Cafe has no affiliation at all with the former Red Bamboo in Brooklyn on the current VP2 in the West Village.